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Fresh Vent Heat Exchanger Efficiency - Fresh Vent Counterflow Heat Exchanger is more efficient than conventional cross flow heat exchangers.

Fresh Vent Heat Exchanger allows 3 times the air flow of competitive units for the same static pressure with efficiencies up to 70%.

Tested to Ashrae 84-1991 by NATA Certified Vipac Engineers and Scientists.
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Construction - Patented heat exchanger core made from continuous aluminium plates, guaranteed for 5 years. Pre-painted zinc coated steel cabinet.
Fresh Vent Technical Specifications Banner
Easy Installation and Maintenance - Compact size, light weight, low profile and minimum maintenance. Filters need changing 3 - 4 times a year. Electrical supply requires only 240Volts, 50Hz, Single Phase. Power consumption is little more than a 100W light bulb.


  • Fresh Air (Litres / sec.) 80 – 4000 litres per sec
  • Exhaust Air (Litres / sec.) 75 – 3750 litres / secs.
  • Power Consumption (Watts) 116 – 300 watts (small/medium sized units)
  • Size (depending on room capacity).
Model Airflow
LxWxH (mm)
CRV80 80 700x240x500 15
CRV120 120 700x280x500 17
CRV300 300 700x540x500 32
CRV400 400 1300x800x580 70
CRV500 400 - 1000 1500x1150x1100 250
CRV1000 1000 - 2000 1500x1500x1100 350
CRV2000 2000 - 2500 2100x1900x1600 700
CRV4000 2500 - 4500 2100x2500x1600 800
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